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This is a blog dedicated to the wonderful and talented players of Creative Disney Roleplay. Here, you can submit your favorite moments or memories from the group, or any confessions regarding the group or certain characters or plots.

Any hurtful or mean-spirited comments or submissions will NOT be posted. This is a hate-free zone.

*I am no longer accepting confessions regarding feelings of being left out. It is not because I am insensitive to the matter, because I understand that it is a thing, but we have literally like fifteen other confessions regarding it. Reblog one of those if you want to vent or express your feelings. **

The person running this blog runs the mod blog, three other rp blogs, her personal, and has a full time job. If you send in a confession, please expect there to be a delay in when it is actually posted. I may not check this blog for a week or so, but I will indeed see it and get to them all in due time.



“The CDRP girls are amazing.”
submitted by anonymous

The CDRP girls are amazing.

submitted by anonymous

24th Feb 2012 4:23pm 2 years ago 10 notes